How we offer a service experience for all customers

As a member of the automotive industry, we strive to include everyone and make everyone feel included. Too often, people without extensive knowledge of automotive services are wary of taking their cars in for repairs and automotive aftermarket accessories. The most common group of people who feel uncomfortable in auto repair shops are women.

At Moran, we strive to change that and make women feel comfortable in any of our shops. Our CEO, Barb Moran, understands the importance of providing the best service to women better than anyone else.

“We founded Moran Industries on the basic principle that Americans depend on their vehicles, and therefore, they should be able to depend on us. We believe in providing all of our customers with honest and trustworthy service with expert advice and fair pricing. With this as the foundation of our system, we are able to work toward our mission of creating customers experiences that result in satisfaction and loyalty,” said Moran, CEO of Moran Industries.

Here are a few ways our shops make women feel comfortable when they choose us for their automotive services:

  • Fair, honest pricing without intimidation.
  • Clean and comfortable atmospheres within the shop.
  • Customer education from employees and autonet TV to ensure customers understand what is needed for their car repair or aftermarket accessory addition.

We give women the confidence they need to get the best service for their cars, whether it’s automotive repairs or automotive aftermarket accessories.

  1. March 13, 2018

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