Oil changes and tune-up services are the key to keeping your car in road ready condition. At Mr. Transmission Milex, we know what it takes to keep a car running in tip-top condition. Basic car services, such as oil changes, spark plug replacements, and fuel filter replacement, are all easy ways to keep your car humming and road-ready.

Services Offered: How We Can Help

There’s more to a tune-up than the switch of a button. A properly tuned engine provides power to the wheels, good fuel economy, and the lowest level of emissions. The main tune-up components are:

Air Filter
PCV Valve
Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter,
Oxygen Sensor
Distributor Cap
Ignition Rotor
Ignition coil
Plug wires
Why Oil Changes Matter

The most important part of preventive maintenance is keeping up with your regular engine oil changes. It does not take long for your engine oil to become contaminated with environmental elements, such as dust, rust, and even metallic deposits. That is why Mr. Transmission Milex, along with your vehicle’s manufacturer, recommend regular engine oil and filter maintenance. The engine oil supplies lubrication and cooling to essential components of your vehicle. Engine oil and filters can also keep your engine clean and running smoothly. Without regular maintenance, parts within your engine can be damaged by contaminated oil or worn down if the oil level is low. An engine oil and filter service from Mr. Transmission Milex is a great, low-cost way to provide your vehicle with preventive maintenance and keep it road-ready.

Our Signature Engine Oil & Filter Service Includes:

Install new oil filter and replace oil
Lube chassis
Check all filters
Top off all fluids
Under car visual inspection
Check tire pressure
What makes these services effective is when they are completed regularly. Getting regular oil changes is simple: All you have to do is schedule an appointment and leave the rest to our talented Mr. Transmission Milex Care technicians.

For more information about our car tune up services, find your nearest Mr. Transmission Milex today.

FAQs About Oil Changes & Tune-ups

What are symptoms that you may need a tune up?

Decreased fuel economy
Loss of power
Engine stalls
Hard or no-start conditions
Foul exhaust odor
Rough engine performance
Check Engine light illuminated
What does A Tune Up Do for Your Car?

Proper maintenance goes beyond just regular oil changes, but includes maintaining all fluids, replacing worn out parts and basic engine maintenance. A tune-up will restore power and return your vehicle to original operating state. Regular tune ups involve a thorough inspection of your engine. The inspection will provide an idea on needed repairs/recommendations.

When to Service your Car for a Tune Up

A proper tune-up can prolong the life of your engine, improve performance and gas mileage.

Service at regular intervals according to your vehicle’s specifications
We recommend a vehicle tune up every 30,000 or as required by manufacturer
When you notice poor gas mileage, difficult starting conditions or a rough running engine.
The fuel filter should be serviced annually.