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You get regular checkups with your doctor. It keeps you healthy and helps you and your doctor catch any changes in your health before they become big problems. It’s a vital part of keeping yourself healthy. Well, your car is no different. It requires regular checkups to keep it running strong and to catch any potential problems before it can accrue large repair bills.

That’s why routine maintenance will make a big difference in the life of your vehicle, whether your car is brand new or it has a few miles on it already. Performing regular maintenance is a preventative measure against common repairs that cars need over the course of their useful life. When you stick to an appropriate schedule of maintenance for your vehicle you can improve the life of your vehicle and catch any issues when they are less serious and won’t require as much time or expense to fix.

What is the best schedule for a complete auto care checkup for your vehicle? Check your car’s owner’s manual to see what the factory recommendations are for your maintenance visits, such as oil changes and tire rotation. Also, talk with your mechanic, whose knowledge and expertise can help guide you into a regular schedule of maintenance for your car that will extend its life and save you money on repairs down the road.

Not sure what constitutes routine maintenance visits? These are some of the maintenance items you should get checked or have performed on your vehicle regularly:
•Change the oil
•Replace the engine air filter
•Tire rotation and balance
•Fix the alignment
•Check the spark plugs
•Replace or refill fluids, such as antifreeze, power steering, coolant and wiper fluid

Your car demands a complete auto care maintenance routine to keep it in top condition and keep you and your budget happy for years to come.

  1. March 30, 2018

    Your car progressively degraded over time and will continue to deteriorate if maintenance is not carried out. It is imperative that we keep on top of regular routine maintenance to maximize our potential returns and keep our car highly comfortable and efficient. Regular planned maintenance, such as minor repairs and preventative maintenance, should minimize future problems and ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition. But still unexpected damage or breakdown failures still occurs even with the best maintenance you have given to it, everything has a limited life , with a regular maintenance cycle you will minimize the need for major refurbishment and repairs. Please visit

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