Routine Maintenance

Transmission fluids have a number of unique properties that can wear out over time. And when they wear out, you can bet the transmission itself won’t be far behind. More →

Check the Fluid Levels

The fluid in an automatic transmission operates the clutches, provides cooling and lubrication, and even drives the vehicle. Maintaining proper fluids is key to keeping your car running without issues. More →

Service the Cooling System

You may not realize it, but your car’s cooling system does more than keep the engine running cool. A faulty cooling system cannot only damage your engine; it can reduce transmission life as well. More →


Free Performance Check

Your vehicle is important, after all it gets you from Point A to Point B. When you want to maintain the life of your vehicle, call Mr. Transmission Milex for a FREE Performance Check. We’ll make sure you’re always Road Ready. We guarantee our work with a Nationwide Warranty. More →

Don’t Ignore Issues

Most transmission problems start out small. They get worse over time. You can eliminate major repairs simply by taking care of the problem early on. More →

Tune the Engine

The engines and transmissions in today’s cars are linked far more closely than in the past. A problem with engine performance can put much more strain on the transmission than one that’s running properly. More →

Manual Transmissions

Many people are in the habit of “riding the clutch” as they transition between gears. A general rule of thumb, when using the clutch it should either be all the way up or all the way down. More →

Tips from our Blog

How to Prep Your Car for the Summer Trip High on the short list of terrible things that can happen on a summer road trip – along with getting lost in a different state or forgetting your valuables in a rest stop bathroom – is having your mode of transportation fail on you. Car troubles…

You get regular checkups with your doctor. It keeps you healthy and helps you and your doctor catch any changes in your health before they become big problems. It’s a vital part of keeping yourself healthy. Well, your car is no different. It requires regular checkups to keep it running strong and to catch any…

vehicle maintanence

Summer is almost over, fall is right around the corner, and winter’s frost will soon bring cold temperatures that can be tough on any vehicle. It’s one of those tasks nobody looks forward to, but preparing your car for winter is necessary to keep both you and your car safe during the season. Be ready…

Car Care Experts Show How to Prepare Vehicles for Winter Weather Five Winter Road Warrior Tips to Keep Cars Safe in Cold Midlothian, IL (December 9, 2015) – Cold temperatures, snow and ice wreak havoc on our roads and our vehicles. Yet according to the Car Care Council, more than 70 % of motorists admit…

  When choosing a vehicle, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why one car is different from any other, even after you test drive and purchase them. There are a lot of small features that go into a car that you may miss. These little details often only become apparent when something goes wrong…

We’re in the middle of winter, and so snow storms are a common sight. Sometimes, it’s just flurries slowly drifting onto the roads. Other times, it’s a whiteout that covers the roads in snow and makes it impossible to drive any faster that 5 mph In some cases, you may even get stuck on the…

The worst of winter is over and spring is quickly approaching. As a driver, you went through a lot this winter. Hopefully, you didn’t get stuck in the snow. Still, with the prospect of any more of the white stuff becoming less likely, it’s time to prepare for the coming spring and summer months. Before…

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