Automotive Repair

At Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care, we focus on auto repair and maintenance of all your vehicle’s needs. Our technicians are knowledgeable in all repairs on your auto or light truck. Complete diagnostics are done prior to any auto repair which makes Mr. Transmission/Milex the right choice for fixing your vehicle correctly the first time and every time.

Some of the auto repair services offered are:

Oil Change
Brake Services
Check Engine Light
Computer Diagnostics
Radiator & Cooling System
Transmission Maintenance
Suspension Check & Steering Inspection

Having a one-stop-shop available for all your auto repair and transmission repair needs is key to serving our customers. If you need automotive repairs or maintenance, look to the professionals at Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care to have your repairs done right.

Find a location near you now to schedule a Free Performance Check today.

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